TL;DR: on cfarm23, your old home data is in /oldhome, please copy anything useful before it becomes unavailable.

Our smaller hosts usually can't have a local disk, so in that case we provide home directories over NFS from a bigger server.

This has been the case for cfarm23, one of our EdgeRouter host. Unfortunately, due to hardware constraints, we have to change the disk backing its home directory and we cannot migrate the data.

As a result, cfarm23 now has a brand new empty home directory, mounted over NFS from a new server. We still provide the old home mounted on /oldhome, but cannot make any promise about how long this old data will stay available. Please copy any useful data from the old home before it becomes permanently unavailable.

Additionally, cfarm91, our RISC-V VisionFive1 host, now also uses a NFS home instead of the local SD card. This should speed up builds significantly, although the CPU cores remain quite slow. In that case, we were able to copy the data over, which means that no action is required.