The cfarm compile farm project

The cfarm compile farm maintains machines of various architectures and provides SSH access to free software developers, GCC and others (GPL, BSD, MIT, ...).

Once your account application is approved (see the Request an account page), you get full SSH access to all the farm machines, current and future.

For more information about usage, see the wiki page of the project.

Latest news

We are pleased to announce the availability of two new machines, cfarm215 and cfarm216. They run the latest Solaris 11.4 SRU (Support Repository Update). cfarm215 is a kernel zone hosted on a Dell R740 system with an Intel Xeon CPU, while cfarm216 is a LDOM hosted on an Oracle SPARC T8-1 with a SPARC M8 CPU.

Basic development packages are installed from the Solaris support repository. More packages can be installed on request.

Thanks to the Center for Biotechnology (CeBiTec) at Bielefeld University in Germany for setting up and hosting these machines. The R740 is a donation from de.NBI Cloud Bielefeld, while the T8-1 is a permanent loan from Oracle Corporation.

We have added three new x86_64 virtual machines based on a dual AMD EPYC 7773X system with plenty of CPU cores. Each VM has 128 logical cores + 64 GB of memory and runs a different OS:

cfarm420 runs Arch Linux

cfarm421 runs Debian 13 trixie

cfarm422 runs Debian 12 bookworm

This addition to the farm should provide good build times for highly parallel workloads, and will provide low latency for users in Asia.

The virtual machines are located in Tokyo, Japan. Thanks to Jing Luo for providing the hardware, hosting and support!

TL;DR: on cfarm23, your old home data is in /oldhome, please copy anything useful before it becomes unavailable.

Our smaller hosts usually can't have a local disk, so in that case we provide home directories over NFS from a bigger server.

This has been the case for cfarm23, one of our EdgeRouter host. Unfortunately, due to hardware constraints, we have to change the disk backing its home directory and we cannot migrate the data.

As a result, cfarm23 now has a brand new empty home directory, mounted over NFS from a new server. We still provide the old home mounted on /oldhome, but cannot make any promise about how long this old data will stay available. Please copy any useful data from the old home before it becomes permanently unavailable.

Additionally, cfarm91, our RISC-V VisionFive1 host, now also uses a NFS home instead of the local SD card. This should speed up builds significantly, although the CPU cores remain quite slow. In that case, we were able to copy the data over, which means that no action is required.