Join the project!

If you are working on a piece of free software (GCC or any other GPL, BSD, MIT, ...) and need ssh access to the farm for compilation, debug and test on various architectures you may apply for a cfarm compile farm account.

To apply for an account, please fill in the form below. Note that account requests are moderated manually.

Once your account is created, you will be able to upload SSH keys and gain SSH access to all shared machines of the platform.

The compile farm machines should be used only for free software development, see this free software license list.

This will be your Unix login on the shared farm machines and will be visible to other farm users.

This will be kept private.

This will be kept private.

This email address will be used to send you a confirmation link, as well as subscribing you to a low-volume mailing list (cfarm-announces). Other than that, it will be kept private.

Please mention at least one notable free software project you are a contributor of, with URLs pointing to your contributions and project licence information.
Describe how you plan to use the farm to help you develop, build, debug or test free software.
The name and URL of free software(s) you mention here may be made publicly available as part of a list of projects using the GCC farm.