The Compile Farm project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of cfarm240, an Arm Morello SoC prototype board running CheriBSD (a FreeBSD derivative).

This system-on-chip research platform features a custom quad-core aarch64 Neoverse N1-based CPU implementing CHERI (a memory protection model), and has 32GB system memory. Disk space is limited (~200GB); please be mindful of your resource usage.

We are still in the process of transitioning to our new domain name and website; please SSH to


  • Morello boards are the only physical implementation of this ISA; lessons learned will be carried to future Arm extensions, so binary compatibility with Morello is not guaranteed.
  • You will want to read about packages.
  • If you need help with CHERI-specific problems (not Compile Farm issues), consider joining their Slack.

Thank you to the University of Cambridge for hosting (and developing) this machine!