POWER10 machine


We now have a POWER10 machine in the Compile Farm: gcc120.

It is donated by IBM, and hosted at OSUOSL like most Power machines.  Thanks!

It is an IBM E1050, 192 hardware threads, 2TB RAM, 11TB disk.  It runs AlmaLinux, a RHEL descendant / clone.

It is open for general use immediately.  Enjoy, but use it responsibly: most importantly, always be aware other people want to use it as well :-)

GCC bootstrap takes 26m, and testsuite takes 6m.  With --enable-languages=all.  But Ada and D did not actually build, I'll work on getting some working pre-built compilers for those installed in /opt/cfarm for that, which you can use to build new compilers with.

Thanks to everyone involved for making this reality at long last!