Due to a hardware failure, gcc220 had to be reinstalled on new hardware.

Unfortunately, it means that all user data on the old system has been lost.

On the bright side of things, the new hardware is much larger, with 12 cores / 24 threads and 384 GB of RAM.

Many thanks to openbsd.amsterdam for providing the hardware and hosting it!

We are happy to announce a quite exotic addition to the farm: a mips64 machine running OpenBSD. This is a EdgeRouter 4 with a Cavium CPU, just like gcc230. The new machine is reachable over SSH at gcc231.fsffrance.org.

The system comes with a comprehensive set of software, installed through OpenBSD binary packages. It is possible to install more packages upon request. However, note that some binary packages are missing on MIPS, such as GCC.

Thanks to Denis Ovsienko for providing and hosting these mips64 boards!

A new mips64 machine has been added to the farm: gcc230 is a EdgeRouter 4 running Debian 10.

Compared to the existing MIPS boards gcc22 and gcc23, it has a slightly newer Cavium CPU with 4 cores, but only 1 GB of memory. In addition, it has a local disk while the existing boards have their home over NFS, and it runs a newer Debian version.

As always, this is a shared system, so make sure to use reasonable amount of resources (disk space, CPU, memory). On this system specifically, memory-hungry tasks should be avoided or run single-threaded: make sure to monitor your memory usage.

Many thanks to Denis Ovsienko for providing and hosting the board!

We have a new aarch64 machine, gcc185.  It is a 32-core 3.3GHz Lenovo HR350A running CentOS 8.

Thanks to OSUOSL for the machine and the hosting!

You can connect to the machine at gcc185.fsffrance.org, default SSH port.  Please be aware and mindful of others (do not hog all CPU, all memory, all disk space, etc.)

We plan to retire the aarch64 machines gcc113, gcc114, gcc115, and
gcc116 in a few weeks.  These machines are old and have hardware as
well as software problems now (gcc116 already took itself down).

There still will be gcc80, gcc117, gcc118, as well as the brand
spanking new gcc185 for all your aarch64 needs.  But please migrate
off of gcc113..gcc116 soon!

We are happy to announce the availability of a new MiniMac M1 (with Apple-Silicon arm64 cpu architecture).

The machine is running OS X in a default configuration, please read the login message carefully for guidance.

You can connect over SSH at gcc304.fsffrance.org using custom SSH port 2409.
See https://cfarm.tetaneutral.net/machines/list/ for details.

Disk space on this machine is tight. Please remember to clean up unused build trees before you log out.

Hosting is provided by House Gordon Software Company LTD in Calgary, Canada, many thanks to them!

We are always looking for more machines to expand the farm, don't hesitate to get in touch if you are able to provide (and host) interesting hardware.

We have a new x86 machine available running Debian testing (bullseye), gcc140.

If you need more recent software than what is available on Debian stable, then this new machine should be useful.

It has the same specs as gcc120, gcc121, gcc122 and gcc123: plenty of CPU cores, RAM and disk space.  See https://cfarm.tetaneutral.net/machines/list/


gcc220, our physical OpenBSD server, suffered a hardware failure several months ago.

Thanks to the commitment of our host openbsd.amsterdam, the machine is now back online with new hardware!  All SSH keys have been reinstalled, but any data that had been present on the old host has been lost.

Due to a large electrical maintainance, the OpenCompute machines at OSUOSL will be shut down and unavailable for most of the day on July 18th.

Date: July 18th, from 12:00 UTC to around 20:00 UTC

Affected machines: all OpenCompute machines, that is: gcc120, gcc121, gcc122, gcc123 for the public part.

A new SPARC64 machine running Debian is available. It has a relatively old T3 processor, but provides 32 CPU cores and 256 threads.

It is already possible to login to this new machine with:

ssh username@gcc102.fsffrance.org

Many thanks to ylibc.org for making this machine available!